Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shadows & Reflections

This is a picture of the shadow of the kitchen set in my apartment cause by artificial lighting.  I chose it because I enjoyed the way that the shadows layer on the floor.

This is another artificial lighting shadow. I chose it because the shadows are of the same object but it is interesting because they are different shades and move further out because there are three lights in different locations.

Here is a shadow caused from daylight coming in my apartment.  I chose it because the way that the light forced the shadow into the table was  very nice.

My next daylight shadow shows some shoes with light shinning in on them.  The reason I chose this image is because I like the way the shoes look on the floor of my apartment.

Vertical surface reflections were very interesting to find.  In the photo above the right side of my kitchen is reflecting into the oven on the left side.

Above is another vertical reflection. I found this one in the studio and I chose it because at first I didnt know if I was looking at something inside that room or a reflection.

This reflection on the floor of the studio shows the railing in the stairwell.

In the basement of the studio I found this reflection on the floor.  Everything on the wall is reflected into the floor not in just a dull gray, but in the colors that you see above the floor.