Monday, November 15, 2010

In Class Sketching

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in this entire assignment, but what I was able to do was pretty interesting. It was quick gesture drawing of groups of are classmates that was times, so we had to move quick. From doing this assignment I was able to learn how to lay out bodies and groups of people quicker and more successfully.

Sketching Success

Daily sketching is a beast. It's had its ups and downs, but seeing how skill levels have changed is very interesting. Exploring the countless techniques people have adopted is a very captivating this as well. Below are some examples my own sketching success, along with a couple other of my classmates.

This was the very first sketch that I did this semester. I came across this leaf as I walked the nature trail in between the dorms and the music building. I found the leaf to be very beautiful in its own way, and felt as though its graceful aging needed to be captured. 

Drawing light through water was very amusing to me. The above sketch is a quick one that I drew up while sitting in the caf with some friends, passing time until choir rehearsal. I really wanted to focus on the shadow of the cup in this one and show that it had more than just one value to it.

SELF. . . . . PORTRAITS. This is my third attempt at a self portrait. Drawing myself was very frustrating. It is easy to draw a face, but drawing one that looks like me proved to be more of a hassel. In the end I decided to stop putting so much though into it, and 30minutes before I had to head to choir rehearsal, yet again, I decided to take a picture and sketch from that. This made the task much easier because I knew everything was in the same position, and shading was used to accent the features.

 Above is a sketch done by Hailey Taylor. I really enjoy the way that she is able to draw the flowers and get her point across without going into a massive amount of detail and drawing every strand that was seen in them. It has a very cartoon like appeal to it and is very interesting.

Here we have another self portrait. This one was done by Hannah Kasmala. This picture was very appealing to me because it is not what you usually see in self portraits. It is close up and cuts off some of the face, however it still has a presence to it that gives it power.